Terms & Conditions

  1. Enrolment in a course proceeds upon students having read and agreed to these Terms and Conditions.
  2. Course registration will be confirmed upon receipt of the completed enrolment form and payment of the relevant course fees to Dermatology Australasia. Students will receive confirmation of enrolment and access to the course within 2 business days.
  3. Access to the online modules and any associated materials are available only for the duration of the course. Some courses have downloadable material, which need to be saved prior to course access expiry.
  4. Enrolment fees are non-refundable.
  5. The enrolment fees include access to the online modules and a place at one of our face-to-face workshops, if appropriate. As considerable costs are involved with planning our workshops, charges will apply to enrol for another workshop, should you miss the one that you register for. Health issues and other extenuating circumstances with supporting documentation provided, will be considered for fee exemption, upon consultations with one of our team members. More information is available on your relevant course page or from our team members.
  6. A full refund of fees will be available if any offer of placement is withdrawn by Dermatology Australasia or in the unlikely event that Dermatology Australasia is unable to provide any components of the course.
  7. Participants can apply for extension or deferment by submitting a written request to gpderm@dermcoll.edu.au no later than two weeks before course access expiry (this date is provided to the student upon enrolment). The submission needs to outline the reasons why an extension or deferment is needed. If an extension or deferment is granted, students will be offered an additional time period to complete their studies. Once this offer is accepted the student will receive a confirmation email. If students fail to contact us and have not completed all course materials at the course expiry date, the final course status will be recorded as incomplete, and students will have to re-enrol by purchasing the course again.
  8. Dermatology Australasia expects that students source all cases for assignments themselves. In extenuating circumstances Dermatology Australasia may be able to provide cases to complete the module. A request for this needs to be submitted in writing to gpderm@dermcoll.edu.au 20 days prior to term completion.
  9. Participants will be issued with a Certificate once all course components have been completed.
  10. By purchasing a course with Dermatology Australasia you agree to these terms and conditions.
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